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weirdest thing just happened to me…

ok, so I’m walking around the apt wearing what I slept in (tank top and undies, if you must know…I’m home alone. shut up). I have a cd playing right now. I had to go to the bathroom.

The INSTANT I sat down to pee, the cd started skipping.

Being a weird kid when I’m home alone, I sat there saying, “hold on. I’m going as fast as I can -siiiiiiiigh-“

I finish, flush, stand up, and after three steps in the direction of the cd player (putting me in the middle of the living room), it continues to play as normal.

My immediate response was similar to that of the kool-aid man in family guy. I stood there still. Looking around awkwardly…

then slowly walked backward toward the computer to tell the internet of my weird story.

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